Wood is one of our most enduring, valuable resources, so it makes sense economically and environmentally to preserve the life of your wood furniture. Beneath the worn and scratched surfaces of old pieces generally lies beautiful wood grain waiting to be restored.  Refinishing can restore age-worn furniture to its original, lustrous beauty.

Adams Office Furniture has more than 30 years of combined experience with refinishing. We devote painstaking care to each piece, removing scuffed, scratched, and water-stained finishes; filling in chips and cracks; and repairing or replacing missing parts. You will be absolutely amazed with the end result!

We have dozens of refinished pieces on our showroom floor ready to purchase, but also there to give you and idea of what your EXISTING furniture can become.

Keeping our clients’ convenience in mind, we can provide loaner office furniture-if necessary- when we come to transport your furniture to our refinishing center. With Adams Office Furniture, the benefits are easy to measure: like-new furniture for less money, premium customer service, and a reduction in the environmental impact of manufacturing. It’s the common-sense solution!